Why us?

Who We Are

The Center for International Career Advancement (The CICA) partnered with McGraw-Hill and Brightspace D2L, both leaders in creating innovative solutions to improve learning outcomes. McGraw-Hill opened its expansive library of financial and economic content to The CICA for the benefit of our subscribers. Brightspace D2L is a powerful, interactive, learning management system (LMS) that empowers our subscribers’ learning experience and application. In concert with these two partners, the CICA’s Ph.D. professors and investment professionals have carefully created a library of content that mixed academic theory and real-world practical application. In total, the Advanced Module subscribers have access to 4,275 pages of McGraw-Hill content, with detailed real-world application from our financial professionals in ten subjects.  Through their innovative model, The CICA was built to fill the “skills transfer gap” and to up-skill and re-skill their employees.  Through the CICA’s program, our mission is to increase employee engagement and productivity that will result in higher employee retention and a higher bottom line for the organization’s individual departments.

What We Do

The CICA offers on-demand professional education programs over a wide spectrum of financial, economic, and quantitative fields. In addition, it publishes weekly financial reports and quarterly videos, and provides discussion halls whereby working professionals interact with one another and the CICA representative.