Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we different?

The Center for International Career Advancement was created based on the phenomenon called “the skills transfer gap”, the ability to apply the content that is learned.  We have all read books and thought, “that is an elegant formula, but in real life, I have a Bloomberg that calculates it for me.  How do I apply it to my day-to-day job?”   We have structured our program so our Subscribers understand the basis of the content and actually know how they can apply it to their daily careers.  For instance, it is important to understand the modified duration formula, the moving parts, the output of the calculation, and so forth.  However, you will never be on a trade desk and be asked to recite the formula.  What is beneficial are examples of how to use it, case studies, and actual professionals who used it every day.

Why should my company invest in a customized professional development program?

In a recent LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees said that they would likely stay at a company longer if the company invested in their education.  If you invest in your employees, they will invest in your company.  As we have all seen, article after article shows that a happier employee is a more productive employee.  The CICA also offers a customizable program so that each participating company can make their professional development program their own.  If your company invests in your employees, your employees will invest in the future success of your company.

What is The CICA Corporate Program?

The Center for International Career Advancement offers a customized professional development program.  This includes the Managers’ having administrative ability to assign modules and sections to the people on their teams.  The department will also have a leader board, customized reports of their team members’ progress, all while employees fulfill their continuing education requirements.

Why should I subscribe to your program? I already have a graduate degree and a professional designation?

The World Economic Forum estimates that the half-life of a skill is approximately 5-years.  Meaning, that a skill today will be half as valuable in five years. Also, according to another World Economic Forum article, it’s been estimated that 57% of all jobs are at risk of being automated within the next 5 years.  How many Equity Trading jobs have been automated, or been replaced with Computer Programmers?  Information moves at the speed of light and we are always being introduced to new challenges.  The CICA program was designed and structured by professions with graduate degrees and professional designations so that the information is easily accessible, your progress is quantifiable, and your skills are transferable.

What resources do you provide?

Our Subscribers have access to thousands of pages of McGraw Hill text as well as CICA Contributor professional application content.  Our Leaning Management System (LMS) D2L is one of the leading technology learning companies in the market today.  Our Subscribers also have access to power points, recorded scripts, videos, research reports, mobile learning, and social media sharing of accomplishments to (name a few). For information, please schedule a consultation.

Are you going to teach me how to invest?

No! As many investment professionals know that there are many ways to invest.  We have structured the program to include a vast library of content (over 7,000 pages of material and millions of words), with Contributors who describe how they applied the content on their day-to-day basis.  The Contributors are accessible to act a Guide, not as a Professor.

Why are we different?

We have structured our program so that there is something for all levels. There are fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels. We have also structured our subjects so that even seasoned investment and economic professionals can diversify their own skill base. For instance, tariffs were in the news over the past couple of years. Our Economics Contributor breaks down the subtle nuances of tariffs and, most importantly, how it may affect our economy. We have structured our current library of content so that current events can be easily searched, researched, analyzed, and applied.

Is this a self-paced program? If yes, how much time do I have to complete a module?

Your subscription term is for one-year. We understand that most of our Subscribers have families, full-time jobs, and busy lives so we structured the program to give you flexibility.

What are the credit hours for each module?

All our modules and packages have enough content and assessments to satisfy all your continuing education needs no matter what designation you may hold.

Do I need to go through the advanced module in order to get my CE certificate? If no, does the certificate indicate what module I completed?

No, you will receive badges for individual chapter assessments that you can share on your social media accounts. You will receive awards for the completion of individual sections, like Intermediate Fixed Income, that you can share on social media as well. Certificates are awarded for completion of the Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced Module. All of these assessments satisfy continuing education requirements and are earned as sections are completed (not just at the end.)

Do I have access to instructors for questions?

Yes, all Subscribers have access to our Contributors via email and discussion halls.

Is there an assessment after completing each module? If so, what is the format of the assessment?

There is an assessment after each chapterr, topic, section, and module. The assessments are multiple choice and the professional has several attempts at completing the assessment. Badges are awarded for successful completion of each topic (i.e. Fundamental Fixed Income), trophies are awarded for successful completion of a section (i.e. Equity), and a certificate is awarded for successful completion of a module or package (i.e. Advanced Module or Securities Package). All
awards can be shared on social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Is this CE program accredited?

Thinking of accredited in the terms of “approved,” yes. We are not accredited the same way that a University is accredited. Nor should we be, as we are two completely different types of higher learning institutions. Universities are based on academic theory and research. The Center for International Career Advancement is focused on professional development and filling the skills transfer gap. Noting that, our material has been through a rigorous vetting and review process by the CFA, CFP, CPA, etc.

What is the difference between modules and individual packages such as the Finance package?

The Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced Modules contain all 10 subjects. Packages, like the Finance Package, are more specialized and are intended for professionals who do not require such a broad array of subjects.

Can I earn a CE certificate if I complete a specific package, instead of a module?

Yes, our Subscribers receive continuing education units as they complete the assessments in the Modules and Packages.