Advanced Durable Goods (8:30)

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Advanced Durable Goods (8:30)

July 27 @ 8:30 am

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This report is compiled from results of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories,  and Orders (M3) survey, which is a voluntary survey authorized by Title 13 of the United States Code.  This  survey provides statistics on a calendar‐month basis for manufacturers’ value of shipments, new orders  (net of cancellations), end‐of‐month order backlog (unfilled orders), end‐of‐month total inventory (at  current cost or market value), and inventories by stage of fabrication (materials and supplies, work‐in process, and finished goods).  Data published from the M3 survey are based on a panel of approximately  5,000 reporting units that represent approximately 3,100 companies and provide an indication of monthto‐month change for the Manufacturing Sector.  These reporting units may be divisions of diversified large  companies, large homogeneous companies, or single‐unit manufacturers in 92 industry categories, which  are combined into 65 publication levels due to the small monthly panel size.  The survey methodology  assumes that the month‐to‐month changes of the total operations of the reporting units in the M3 panel  effectively represent the month‐to‐month movements of all establishments that make up the category.   The companies for which shipments data are currently reported or imputed in the M3 survey represent  approximately 64 percent of the total value of shipments for manufacturing establishments in the 2012  Economic Census, and these companies include almost two‐thirds of the manufacturing companies with  $500 million or more in shipments in the 2012 Economic Census.  The companies for which shipments data  are currently reported in the M3 survey represent approximately 57 percent of the total value of  shipments for manufacturing establishments in the 2012 Economic Census.  Statistics based on the M3  panel differ from the results that would be obtained from a complete enumeration of all manufacturing  companies.  The M3 panel is not based on a probability sample; therefore, the sampling errors that are  normally provided with sample surveys cannot be measured.  Non-sampling errors are attributable to many  sources.  The use of company or divisional reports to estimate the monthly change for establishments is  one source of non-sampling error.  The use of primarily large companies to represent the month‐to‐month  movement of all companies is another potential source.  Any corrections will be published in the full  report.  Corrections received after the full report will be released in the next month’s advance report.  Any  revisions made later than two months will be reflected in the annual benchmark publication.  Additional  survey documentation can be found on our web site:   <>.


July 27
8:30 am