COVID-19, The CICA, and the future of work

Covid-19, The CICA, And The Future Of Work


COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Covid has changed how we perform our daily work, how we interact with our co-workers, our productivity, and how we support our customers’ success.  New employees are particularly susceptible to the stresses of remote work.  Onboarding is challenging enough without adding remote work conditions into the mix. New employees can no longer walk down to HR or tap a co-worker on the shoulder and ask questions.  This can lead to frustration and ultimately high turnover. 

What’s the solution? Expensive symposiums held in a cramped hotel conference room?  These conferences cost an average of $1,200, not including travel, and often presents static, outdated information.  The most valuable takeaway for attendees is the stack of business cards they receive from their fellow participants. Despite their obvious drawbacks, these conferences were the best option.  Not anymore.

To truly engage your employees, especially in a remote work environment, you need to find a way to provide them with the applied knowledge they need, whenever and wherever they need it.  Because of the specific contexts we add to basic definitions and rules, our program is the closest thing to on-the-job training that exists outside of an organization. Better yet, we tailor our program to each organization’s needs so that we can optimize employee engagement and productivity. The CICA, a skill-based program that can be accessed from the palm of your employee’s hands, is the future. 

In the most challenging work conditions — like working from home during a pandemic — having access to a powerful solution like The CICA will result in a higher employee retention rate and a higher bottom line. 

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